Black Police Officer Is Buried – No One Notices

Last week a black police officer in Charlotte, North Carolina was buried and almost no one noticed.

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Thankfully, he wasn’t buried in a cemetery he was just buried by the New York Times and the Washington Post in their stories about an officer involved shooting. You can always count on the Times and the Post if you need a racist article.

The burial was simply not mentioning the fact that the officer in Charlotte who killed a black felon with a gun also happened to be black. It was a stark contrast to the white police officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma who killed a black man.

Liberal newspapers are now treating officer involved shootings exactly like they treat corrupt politicians. When a Republican is accused of corruption the party is typically prominently featured in the first paragraph. If it’s a Democrat you’ll be lucky to find the party mentioned anywhere in the article.

White Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby shot a black man and in a random sampling of 11 articles from the New York Times 63% of the articles mentioned the officers raise – white – along with the fact that she had shot a black man in the same sentence.

Reviewing 10 articles from the Times coverage of the Charlotte shooting only 40% mentioned the officer was black, the rest of the articles referred to a black man being shot by a police officer.

Blatant racism is what we’ve come to expect from the liberal media – especially the New York Times and the Washington Post – and they haven’t let us down this week.

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