Baltimore Police Lt. Suspended. He Called Thugs “Thugs” [VIDEO]

A Baltimore police Lt. and police union leader was suspended because he stated the obvious, the #BlackLivesMatter demonstrators who were crawling all over Baltimore are “thugs.”

The news media and Baltimore accuse the officer of “denigrating protesters” because he referred to them as “thugs.” You know, when people try to burn your city down they are thugs.

Apparently, the BlackLivesMatter thugs were demonstrating at a police union meeting in downtown Baltimore. The Lieutenant, a 33 year Baltimore police veteran who is also an official in the union, sent the following email that got a hot water.

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Police “leaders” and “civil rights leaders” are having a fit. The police commissioner, Kevin Davis, is assuring Baltimore citizens that the Obama administration’s report that found Baltimore police officers routinely discriminate against Blacks will be a turning point for the city’s Department. He said that the Baltimore Police Department will be a model for the nation.

I can only guess that Baltimore PD is going to stop arresting blacks.

I can also guess that a police lieutenant with 33 years of service to the city of Baltimore is about to be retired, assuming he is in fired and loses his retirement benefits.

Not only are the #BlackLivesMatter “demonstrators” a bunch of thugs, the Obama administration’s Justice Department and apparently the Baltimore police hierarchy qualifies thugs as well.

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