Armed Grandpa = 2; Armed Punks = 0. [VIDEO]

Two punks in Ocala, Florida didn’t like some of the people that hung out at a local Internet café. So on a whim they got their guns and decided to rob them. They got more than they bargained for.

It turns out that a 71-year-old grandfather happen to be in the Internet café that day and took exception to two punks trying to rob him. It also turns out grandpa had a concealed carry permit and he had his gun under his shirt. It wasn’t there for long.

The two punks turned out to be novice armed robbers and it’s looking grandpa was there. If he hadn’t been there who knows who could’ve been killed.

The Florida States Attorney reviewed the video and filed no charges against grandpa. The two thugs weren’t so lucky, they’ll be spending their best years in prison.

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