Americans PROTEST On City Square With Firearms Against SHARIA LAW Infecting Their Hometown…

Turns out there’s a protest going on in the state of Georgia over the construction of a Muslim mosque. Protesters don’t want it in their neighborhood for fears of radical Islam.

It’s not insane to fear that…but is right?

For 1,400 years, Islamic conquest has been the same — migrate, infiltrate, and conquer. The only difference between most modern-day Islamic conquest and the prophet Muhammad’s warring and butchery is that many are taking over nations through political correctness, birth rate, and conversion. This is called “Hijrah,” which is considered migration jihad to spread Islam and establish Sharia law until, as the Quran commands, “the religion, all of it, is for Allah.”

Of course, since Islam not only has no freedom of speech or religion but condemns to death many who practice these rights, the so-called moderate Muslims in a small Georgia town were shocked and offended when a group of patriots decided to show them how Western law works.

After a Muslim community in Newton County stealthily proposed plans to construct another mosque, along with an Islamic cemetery and madrassa, locals sprang into action. The Express reports that the non-Muslim majority responded to the proposals by marching on the town square with firearms in tow to not only protest the construction of the Islamic facilities but also to demonstrate the American freedoms that are opposed by Islamic fundamentals and outlawed under Sharia law.

Newton County Muslims were apparently so appalled at the peaceful demonstration that they immediately called off the town meeting over a proposed mosque and attached religious school. Of course, the terror-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations and ignorant leftist sympathizers instantly attempted to paint the nonviolent protesters as “racist” and “Islamophobic.”

There were no laws broken. Neither against Muslims wanting to build, or the militia members protesting. Could things escalate? Of course…but you can’t buffet pick the the Bill of Rights, folks. The left already does that.

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