5-Yr Old Girl Found Wandering Streets Said “Mommy Is Sleeping” – But There Was A Much Darker Truth

This is awful, the trauma this child had to go through, I can only hope won’t damage her horribly. She was found wandering the streets…and when the cops found her, she told them that ‘Mommy was sleeping’ THIS raised red flags…so they investigated further…and found out the gruesome truth.



Police found a five-year-old girl wandering down a Massachusetts road in her pajamas before she led them to her dead mother and father who had a knife ‘protruding’ from his neck.

An officer spotted the little girl walking alone down a busy street in Grafton Wednesday morning, NECN reported.

The girl was walking toward the direction of her preschool before she led police back to her home about a block away.

‘She did say to the police officers in the vehicle that ‘Mommy is sleeping,’ ‘Mommy is sick,” Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. told NECN.

Officers forced their way into the home and found her father, 42-year-old Michael Sugarman, on the floor with a knife he was holding ‘protruding’ from his neck.

Police said his injuries appeared to be self inflicted.

The child’s mother, 36-year-old Kelly Sugarman, was found dead in an upstairs bedroom by police officers, NECN reported.

Michael Sugarman was taken to a local hospital and murder charges against him are likely to be filed, Early told NECN.

He added that it’s not clear exactly what the child witnessed.

‘Keeping in mind we are early in the investigation, the appropriate charges will be forthcoming,’ Early told NECN.

The little girl was examined at a hospital and has been released into state custody.

Police say an autopsy will be conducted on the mother to determine an exact cause and manner of her death.

This is too sad…not one Ill forget soon.

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