110 Pound Woman Is Attacked But Her Attacker Ends up in the Hospital [VIDEO]

This little hundred and 110 pound woman looks harmless. Especially if you’re a 200 pound guy looking for a good time.

She heard someone come over her fence as she walked outside and she ran back in the house and got an equalizer. She went back outside and the man jumped her. We will let her tell her story.

Fortunately she was able to pull the trigger and her attacker finally figured out he better get out of there.

Fortunately for her she lives in Texas not New Jersey where she’d still be waiting for a permit to purchase a gun. Because of the Second Amendment she was able to defend herself. If Barack Obama and the Democrats had their way she would’ve been the one in the hospital – or the morgue – and police would’ve just been writing a report instead of arresting the bad guy.

Because of that 38 she can move on with her life and her attacker will be someplace where he’ll have to worry about being attacked every day. That seems more than fair.

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